15+ Kisscartoon Alternatives – Best Site to Watch Cartoon Online Free

For children around the world, comics or cartoons are the most interesting things of all.  Kisscartoon is the best site to watch cartoon online free and many of us has watched favorite cartoon movies and shows on their website. They deliver high-quality cartoon content in ultra HD Video. Unfortunately, KissCartoon is not working in 2021 so, we thought to share the best KissCartoon Alternatives to watch cartoons online free. Enjoy your favorite cartoon or anime movies.

This is the most search cartoon streaming website on the internet across the world. There is also a wide range of comics for adults also such as graphic novels, anime, and manga. There are a lot of online sites like Kiscartoon that allow you to watch cartoons and entertain yourself. In this article, you’ll find more about Kisscartoon and its alternative sites where you can watch cartoons like Rick and Morty.

If we talk about watch cartoons online, the first name that comes to anybody’s mind is Kisscartoon. Kisscarton has been the most popular source of high-quality cartoon content for as long as one can remember. It released unique content than its competitors.

As it stands, Kisscartoon has also been under the limelight for all the wrong reasons. Hence it got shut down in 2017 which left all the cartoon fanatics with a broken heart which also seems to have left a void in the lives of men, especially children. But as soon as Kisscartoon got shut down, many new sites like Kisscartoon sprung out. Cartoon streaming sites like Crunchyroll, AnimeToon came into existence.

The other sites which were overshadowed by Kisscartoon also got into the limelight which has been long been overdue. While we understand that looking for a new trustworthy source can be an issue and a very tiresome task, we have compiled a list of the 15 best Kisscartoon alternatives.

Best Kisscartoon Alternatives 2021:

1. KissAnime:


KissAnime as the name suggests is focused on providing good quality anime content for all its fans and users. Anime is the name for the Japanese style of cartoon drawing, which uses hand-drawn images and computer animation to create stories that can be easily distinguished thanks to the wildly fanciful themes, motley-colored graphics, and exciting characters.

As the layout for this site resembles KissCartoons closely, users shall be able to comfortably navigate it. KissAnime is the most popular name for scanlation and anime online which is definitely an alternative to KissCartoon for people who do not mind trying new genres.

Website: Visit Here
Features: Premium Anime and Cartoons streaming
Price: Free
Ads supported: No

2. Disney Junior:

Disney Junior

If you think about cartoons, it is almost impossible to ignore Disney. Disney has been one of the leading cartoon creators and best Kisscartoon alternative for kids and their special website Disney Junior is nothing less than a treat for every kid. With a huge database of Disney originals, they also have a huge quantity of content flowing in regularly. The quality of the cartoon content available on this website is second to none. The website is specially designed for their very special viewers such that they will never feel bored. Not only extraordinary database of high-quality content, but they also have extra activities and games on their website just in case one feels like taking a break from animated motion videos.

Website: Visit Here
Features: Watch premium quality content in Ultra HD
Types of Content: Movies, Games, TV Show
Price: Free

3. WatchCartoonOnline:


With a design which closely resembles Kisscartoon, WatchCartoonOnline is one of the best Kisscartoon alternatives which houses an unlimited database of cartoons and anime which is sure to delight people of all age group. If you are looking to watch cartoons online, you definitely need to visit this website which is easy to browse and super friendly. Discovering old and new content on this website is super easy and fun. The user interface is easy. While you can easily search for the names that you want to watch or browse the cartoon on a category basis. Just in case you are feeling adventurous and have lots of free time, you can also choose to browse this website which has over 300 pages of titles to choose from.

Website: Visit Here
Features: Watch Unlimited Cartoons Online Free in HD
Contents: Trending Cartoons, Movies, TV shows
Price: Free

4. Nickelodeon:


Nickelodeon is one of the best Kisscartoon alternatives which is as popular as Disney. While their tv channel broadcasts their best and most popular tv shows, they have an extremely well-maintained and built website that will surprise anyone with the sheer quality of the amount of content that they have.

While the Kisscartoon app has been one of the essential apps in every phone that has an access to a kid, Nickelodeon also has amazing apps build and available on all sorts of websites making it easily and conveniently available for everybody’s delight. While the website is super awesome with tons of additional features, Nickelodeon, or as called Nick popularly, is a must-visit website to watch cartoons online.

Website: Visit Here
Features: Games, Movies, Video Clips, and rewards
Is it safe? Yes
Price: Free

5. CartoonExtra:


Are you looking forward to watch Kisscartoon Rick and Morty or something like Spongebob, this website is rumored to have it all under one website. This is a super friendly and super fun website that has everything from cartoon shows, full movies to comics which is a complete package for the kids. While the search bar is an important feature that this website has if you want to easily browse to your favorite show, you can even start to casually browse the suggestions which will be shown right on the home page making it super easy to browse.

Website: Not working
Features: Cartoons, Games, Movies & TV shows
Genres: Comics, Animes, Manga, Humour
Price: Free

6. Crunchyroll:


One of the most popular websites for wholesome entertainment for the entire family, this website also holds a super large collection of cartoons for the kids. While you can browse through a huge database of anime and cartoons alike, you can also rely on their recommendations based on popularity. One of the best Kisscartoon alternatives to watch cartoons online, this website Definity merits a visit from you even for the little ones. This website is totally free and you can start browsing and watching cartoons even without a sign-up so that your privacy and safety are never compromised. They make sure that your email address is not spammed with unnecessary emails which we all know can be annoying and irritating.

Website: Visit Here
Features: Manga, TV shows, Games, News
No ads Supported: Watch Full episodes in HD, No sign up
Price: It’s free and paid

7. Anime Toon:


Whether you are a teen or an adult with an interest in anime or a kid looking for your favorite cartoon shows, this is the most appropriate website for you which is a site like Kisscartoon yet unlike Kisscartoon. While all the latest releases in the animated world get uploaded on the website in a jiffy, this a wholesome platform that will never disappoint you.

While the Kisscartoon app has been a hit in its time, their app is no less. While this application is not available on the play store, their Apk file is easily available online and is bug-free, and also has an amazing interface. If you are looking to watch Kisscartoon rick and Morty or any other popular or not-so-popular cartoons, this website has everything for you.

Website: Visit Here
Features: Cartoon Series, Dubbed Animes, Read Comics, Korean Drama
Ad-supported: Yes
Price: Free

8. YouTube Cartoons:

YouTube Cartoons

For all the cartoon lovers out there, YouTube Cartoons the dedicated separate channel on YouTube is one of the greatest developments on the entertainment platform. A wide variety of full-length cartoons and free cartoons are available here. With a little searching, you shall be able to find any cartoon you can think of. If you think about the Kisscartoon app, they also have a dedicated app for the kids so that the content is easily available to you even on the go.

Youtube has been the most popular source of entertainment lately with the largest viewership. From music to movers, from originals to indie shows, from anime to cartoons, there is almost everything on this website and on the app. While most of the content on this website is absolutely free, you can enjoy a large number of additional content and many super cool features like downloading the content after paying a small subscription for their premium service. While this website has a large amount of authentic and genuine content, pirated content on this website is also widespread, so users have to be careful about what they are watching and browsing.

Website Name: Visit Here
Features: Live Streaming Mickey Mouse, Popular Cartoons, TV shows Online
Ad-supported: Yes
Price: Free

9. Toonova:


One of the most popular websites which is the best Kisscartoon alternative. This website is very efficient if we talk about new releases and updating of new content on the website. With a super easy user interface and navigation, this website comes with a promise of becoming your Favorite go to website for your cartoon entertainment needs With very efficient Categorization of the content, you won’t find it difficult to find the cartoons that you want to watch. When the sites like Kisscartoon and Toonova have been under the threat of being shut down at any moment, this website has many mirror servers which make sure that your supply of free content is never stopped and you never get bored or out of something to watch.

Website: Visit Here
Features: Read Manga, Dubbed Anime, Watch Cartoons
Sign up required: No
Price: Free

10. KimCartoon:


A site dedicated to providing high quality cartoon content for the kids, this website is rapidly gaining popularity because of the amount of content that have and one of the most smartly designed websites which is a treat in itself to browse. Whether you want to watch Kisscartoon Rick and Morty or something like Tom and Jerry, there is almost everything here. This website has a very graphic interface which takes you to a different wonderful world all together form the very first click right from the homepage. Searching for cartoon shows has never been more fun and easier. There is so much noise on the internet that it is almost impossible to differentiate from the phishing websites and really genuine entertainment websites and this is the solution for it. This is a very trusted website which is sure to make everyone go gala.

Website: Visit Here
Features: Read Comics, Watch cartoons, Movies
Signup: No registration Required
Price: Free

11. Cartoon Network:

Cartoon Network

Whether you were born in 90s or 2000s, you are bound to have amazing memories of childhood all thanks to this amazing entertainment network called as Cartoon Network. With a very high quality and amazing cartoon originals, this website is by far one of the most popular websites online to watch cartoons online and that too for free.

Most of the content on this website is available in High Definition making the cartoon watching experience as amazing as possible. This is one of the best Kisscartoon alternatives site that works in 2021. The website is super user friendly and easy to browse. You will find the most popular cartoons shows listed right on the homepage so that you can start watching the cartoons without wasting any time. If you are looking for something like Kisscartoons app, the application of this website is equally amazing and very popular amongst everyone.

Website: Visit Here
Features: Free Online Games, Cartoons shows & Video Clip
Price: Free

12. Crackle:


One of the most popular and wholesome website, this website has been a favorite  entertainment partner for many because of the high quality and unlimited free content available with super ease. Not only for adults, this website has amazing collection of cartoon shows & Movies for the young ones which is sure to delight them. While they have superior content available by paid subscription, there few contents is easily available on their website and Kisscartoon app like Crackle app making it for an amazing kisscartoon alternaitve. This is one of the best free movie streaming sites no sign up for high quality contents online.

Website: Visit Here
Features: Watch your favorite Hollywood Movies in HQ
Price: Free

13. CartoonsOn:


With very amazing categorization of the content, this website is an amazing solution for all your cartoons needs. The content here is available in HD and Mp4 format. You can browse the content based on a list categorized alphabetically or based on the rank. The website is very user friendly. The only drawback of this website is that you will need a paid subscription if you want to watch the latest releases.

If you are wanting to watch the Kisscartoon Steven Universe and has failed to locate a website after the closure of KissCartoons, this is the website specially meant for you. An amazing website with super cool user interface, they have a huge ad diversified database of free cartoons which surely satisfy every kid and the kid in you. The website is very cool and user friendly making it a perfect Kisscartoon alternative.

Website: Visit Here
Features: Watch Cartoons in HD quality without registration
Price: Free/Paid


14. Masterani:


A very well-designed website housing unlimited cartoons, anime and movies, this is a must visit website for all your cartoon needs. The content is very efficiently catalogued making sure that you do not have any problem in locating your favorite cartoon shows. The content is absolutely free and the buffering speed amazingly fast and better than most of the websites out there.

Website: Visit Here
Features: Watch latest release Anime and Cartoons Online
Price: Free


As you know, KissCartoon is not working anymore. So, we’ve made a list of best KissCartoon alternatives where you can enjoy watching your favorite cartoon you were on KissCartoon website.

All are free cartoon streaming sites where sign up is not required. Also, you can find the best free movie streaming sites if you interested in watching newly release TV shows & dubbed movies online free.

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