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Motion pictures are great, and nobody can argue that fact. However, nothing beats a comic book. Finding the best sites to read comics online free, we’ve got the top 20 sites where you can Read Manhwa online.

Who doesn’t remember holding a small colorful paperback taking us on an adventure with Tintin or to the witty tales of Chacha Chaudhary? Comic books have been a part of every kid’s childhoods. While few of us still like to visit an old comic bookstore to dive into the many worlds that those little shops have to offer, some of us lost touch with these after the advent of smartphones around 2005.

The world of motion pictures has amazed us all with graphics and video quality like a real-life which has wooed many to its world full of wonders, comics still remain the key way to wind us down after a long day of work. While it is important to adapt yourself to the dynamics of this fast-paced modern world of wonders, it is also important to remain in touch with the old classics. Thus, the advent of online comic websites has helped to keep that bond alive.

Whether you are looking forward to reconnecting with this wonderful world of comics are just looking for a source to read free comics online because your older sources have shut down or have run out of new content, you must be looking for the best site to read comics online for free.

While the number of quality websites online are very few and it’s hard to find. we have tried to make it easier by compiling a list of the best 15 websites to read comics online. This brings our favorite characters along with new characters filled with mysteries and amazing stories.

15 Best Sites to Read Comics Online Free in 2021 :

#1: ComiXology:

comixologyUndoubtedly the best site to read comics online for free, comiXology is the most popular website to browse the amazing work of around 75 publishers. It has over 75000 Comics and over 700 free comics available to read. While they have all the classic comics ranging from Spiderman to Doctor Strange, there are plenty of new worlds and characters to explore as well.

This website is 100% free and the user interface designed to impress the comic geek inside you. It does not matter if you are a beginner or a warlord of the comic world, this website has something for all.

If you are looking for a source to read comics online free, you definitely need to visit this website first. Moreover, if you are looking for some action-packed amazing comics from DC, you can use this account on DC’s official website to Read DC comics book. This is an Amazon company so you can trust it.

#2 GetComics:

From Batman to Superman, there is hardly any classic which you won’t find on this website. With a very clean and efficient classification based on the publisher’s DC, marvel, Indie Week, and others. This website also allows you to download comics so that you are able to go through some chapters when you are on a move even without an internet connection.

While the website is quite graphic yet basic in the terms of interface, they make up for everything with their huge free database. If you are a comic enthusiast who wants to reminisce about the good old days of childhood and teenage, this is the best website to read free comics online.

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#3 Marvel:

By far the most popular name in the world of comics and entertainment in general, Marvel is the website that has a huge database to satisfy any comic lover’s hunger for content.

While the world of its premium service which is accessible after paying a small fee after the 7 free trial days is nothing less than magical, their free server is nothing less. While the website interface is fit for a legend, the categorization is amazing and navigation superb.

There is nothing about this wonderful website that won’t make you fall in love with it. Whether you want to read marvel comics online and are looking for commitment, this is the place you want to be

#4 Read DC:

The arch-nemesis of Marvel in the comics and movies world, DC (Digital Comics) has a dedicated portal for their comic lovers called Read DC. If you are looking to read free comics from DC, there is no place better than their official website. Currently, this site is not working but you can enjoy your favorite comics on the DC Comics app on IOS and Android as well as on using the same account used at

Download the DC comics app for ios and android from here.

While the world for their premium account holders is endless, their free world is no less than a wonder in itself. There is hardly any comic lover who want to tell you about the metal of DC as far as their universe is concerned, no matter, you got to give it a try for sure because there is a story that is waiting to make you fall in love with DC comics if you still aren’t.

#5 Comic Book World:

Comic Book World Is one of the most popular names amongst present-day comic lovers. While the website has an amazing design and is loaded with free content, they have an amazing collection too.

While there should be nothing stopping you from entering this amazing world, we would like to mention that you might end up reading all their blog and comics in some years but then, who knows for a fact. Comic Book is one of the best sites to read comics online for free.

#6 MangaFreak:

The most popular hotspot for your endless supply of Manga, MangaFreak is the best source to read comics online free without having to worry about anything. The site has beautiful aesthetics which keep you involved for hours at length when you want something to pass your time with.

The site is very easy to browse and navigate which makes it a popular choice amongst manga lovers. They also make sure that you always remain updated with the new content hitting the market by displaying the latest content right on the homepage.

#7 Comic Book Plus:

 Another name that has made all the lists of best and popular comic book websites out there, you will find over 33,500 public domain comic books that you can download and read free comics online without having to spend even a single buck.

You just need to create an account and indulge in this world of pure fascinations and amusement. While the database is undoubtedly humongous, they have comic books in multiple languages like Spanish, Italian, etc so that you remain in touch with the classic comics of your mother tongues and other languages as well.

#8 KissManga:

Another addition to this list of the best sites to read comics online free is KissManga. This is because of their amazing supply of free Manga comic books of High quality. This site update content fast and daily basis, you just need to scroll to read the next page in the list.

KissManga is a popular name among Manga lovers which is rumored to have an endless supply of Manga comic books which are definitely worthy of those potential hours which you might end up spending here because this website is just too good to resist.

The website is beautifully built keeping in mind the needs and tastes of every Manga Lovers. All Manga lovers are alike yet very different and they understand this too. This is the best website to read comics online.

#9 MComix – Read Comics Online Free:

While you cannot really call it a website but software instead but you do not really have to worry about anything because they are here on the list because they do the job and that too very efficiently.

MComix is a very unique software that supports multiple formats like PDF, ZIP, RAR, etc. The best software to read comic books for free, this software doesn’t take much space, is easily available, secure, and very trustworthy. With a supply that seems to be endless in all senses, make sure to give it a try.

#10 Drivethru Comics:

The first downloadable comic store on the web, this website comes with a seemingly endless supply of free comic books to read online and other sci-fi books.

A member of a premier online marketplace family, they have everything. From the classics like Garfield and Tintin to new indie uploads, there is hardly any title that you won’t find here.

With a very easy user interface, they have made sure that you do not waste any time where and spending your valuable time reading these amazing comics. So, if you are looking to read comics online for free, this might be the answer that you are looking forEnjoy your favorite free comics online.

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#11 ElfQuest:

Taking pride in being the longest-running independent graphic fantasy novel series in the USA, despite their popularity and huge readership, they still remain one of the best site to read free comics online.

Featuring nice quality scans and a very efficient and nice viewer, this website makes for a perfect partner for the comic evenings when you settle on your couch with a mug of coffee. Hosting over 15 million comics, graphic novels, and other random publications, they have an endless world of content that is sure to make any comic and graphic lover go all gala without any doubt. While all this content is absolutely free, you definitely need to try reading this longest series and you might end up falling in love with a character or two in the series.

#12 Archive:

The largest and most popular archive of downloadable comic books and other related content, Archive is a place that every comic enthusiast needs to visit at least once just to find out how amazing this website is. With an interface specially designed keeping in mind the tastes and preferences of its amazing readers, they have made sure that you have everything that you will ever want to read comics online for free.

#13 Amazon Kindle Store:

While Amazon is the most popular and the largest online shopping website which has left no country untouched with its ever-growing popularity, it is also capturing the world of reading free online comics.

Whether we are talking about the comics like Batman, Spiderman, and Superman or the new comic kid in the town, they have something for everybody which makes it a feature on this list without any doubt.

While they come with the experience of having one of the most amazing and user-friendly websites to read comics online on this planet, they also understand the brain and heart of a comic book lover which helps them in providing you an experience that cannot be challenged by anybody.

#14 Hello Comics:

In the world of Comics books, you will find everything related to comics from comic books to blogs about comics here at this beautiful and regularly updated website While all the content on this website is for free, the content also seems to be endless. There are various live streaming going on as well which will help you meet people like yourself helping you socialize and discover new content. Isn’t this supper?

#15 Newsarama:

More than just another amazing website to read free websites, Newsarama is a complete portal of the comic world that lets you read the most popular and favorite comics for free, they also allow you to connect with other patrons of similar interests. They have a separate section for Sci-fi which is sure to be delightful for every comic book lover. While all this is great, they also keep you updated with the sci-fi world and comic world through the medium of news. So, what are you really waiting for?

#16 Viewcomics:

This is a fantastic site to read comics online for free. It has the biggest database of all the top comics books & movies for Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Immortal Hulk (2018), and many others.

If you are a comic fantasy who loves reading different genre comics then you must visit this site and you won’t get disappointed. Last but not the least, read comics online free in high quality.

Conclusion: Read Comics online free

While there are many more websites to read comics online free out there serving to the delight of every comic book lover and enthusiast, these are a handful of websites that are more popular or a little better than others which you definitely need to visit without any question.

Yes, it is okay to miss the feeling of holding wrinkly paper in your hand and hiding those comic books between the books to read during classes in school days, these websites can be an amazing replacement and a solution to that feeling of nostalgia which is sure to set in with a slight mention of the comic books.

While there are many collectible editions and souvenirs of the prints out there, it is perfectly alright to be up to date with technology and still interested in these simple yet guilt pleasures of indulging in the comical world.

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